Signature White Lotus Tea

Embark on a meditative tea ceremony with this rich floral and elegantly savory white lotus tea from Hadong, South Korea.

20g (0.7oz) | 10 servings


Served in the temples of Korea during a traditional tea ceremony, the white lotus flower is a symbol of purity and enlightenment, and has long been revered for its health benefits. The naturally caffeine-free, full-bodied white lotus tea from AIREM Essentials aims to promote healthy digestion, provide deep relaxation and stress relief, and purify the inner body and mind. With the AIREM Signature White Lotus Tea, we invite you to embark on your own meditative tea ceremony to allow yourself a moment to slow down, quiet your mind and reconnect with yourself so that you can replenish your energy and wellbeing.

The AIREM Signature White Lotus Tea is harvested in the famed tea region of Hadong, South Korea, and embodies a subtly sweet flavor with a rich floral aroma for a savory yet delicate tea.

Watch the 6-minute AIREM Modern Beauty Rituals "In Pursuit of Wellness" film presented by Global Wellness Institute and produced by BBC Storyworks Commercial Production. After, prepare the tea by bring (3) cups of water to a boil. Once boiling, remove from heat and place (2) generous teaspoons of loose tea into the boiling water. Let steep for 1 minute. Embark on a meditative tea ceremony (below).

Be In The Present
Lifting the teapot, feel the touch of the wooden handle against your fingers and the weight of the tea dropping away as you pour it into the glasses. Hear the water filling up your cup, your breath as you pour. Concentrate on your surroundings and what you are doing now. If you find yourself distracted or drifting, gently nudge yourself back to the present moment using your senses.

Open Your Senses
Notice the feeling of being in your environment - your contact with the chair or the floor, if you’re sitting down; the weight of your feet on the ground, if you’re standing. Notice the warming of the cup that contains the hot liquid. How do your hands feel as you hold it?Notice how the tea feels going down your throat. Feel the warmth travel through your body.

Breathe Gently
Pay attention to your breath. As your mind unwinds, let your breath follow.  Inhale and exhale more completely and without urgency. Feel your lungs expand with air and with the release. Breathe in gratitude and self-love. Exhale anything that does not serve you. Take a moment to truly feel gratitude and self-love. Pour the next cup of tea and repeat the process however you’d like.

*Teapot not included

White Lotus Flower