What is Clinical K-BEAUTY ?

K-Beauty, or Korean Beauty, is the term for skin care products and treatments that are derived and inspired from South Korea. These products focus on skin health, hydration and radiant skin, often referred to as “glass skin.” K-Beauty has a ‘skin first’ approach and focuses on achieving healthy skin, rather than applying layers of heavy makeup. But it doesn’t begin and end with skin care products.


In the pursuit for a luminous, porcelain-like complexion, K-Beauty companies have fueled innovation by combining centuries-old knowledge with groundbreaking science and technological innovation to create state-of-the-art devices, treatments and procedures.
At AIREM, Founder and Dual Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Eunice Park consistently has her finger on the pulse with novel Korean beauty innovations and techniques, while incorporating the latest global innovations into her practice and formulations. Because of this, she is able to offer the most advanced aesthetic treatments including the picosecond laser, hydra facial, radio frequency microneedling, skin boosters, injectables, thread lifting and more, as well as physician-formulated clinical-grade skin care products.


Why Korean Beauty?


Asian beauty culture has changed the mainstream global beauty landscape...from gua sha stones and jade rollers, to BB creams, sheet masks and cleansings oils. These ancient rituals and product innovations have become beauty staples, but K-Beauty is far beyond sheet masks and fun marketing. South Korea is a hub of aesthetic innovation. Popular innovations include Botox, Threads, and innovative laser and device technology.  Koreans have always had a deep rooted passion for taking care of their skin. In ancient Korean culture, the simplicity of a clean, clear complexion was seen as the pinnacle of beauty. Today, Korean beauty companies continue their pursuit for flawless skin by combining centuries-old knowledge with innovative, state-of-the-art technologies.



South Korea is a hub of aesthetic innovation. Some of the newest toxin launches in the US have been developed in Korea. Aesthetic advancements span from injectables, laser devices and micro-infusion technologies, such as Aqua Gold and thread lifting.


Combining beauty staples from Korea and the best Western clinical grade ingredients, AIREM is Physician Formulated by Dr. Eunice Park, combining the best of both worlds. These products are designed to go hand-in-hand with aesthetic treatments.


A traditional K-Beauty skin care regimen involves 10 steps. AIREM simplifies this routine with a focus on potent clinical formulations that every dermatologist and plastic surgeon would recommend. We believe that a combination of innovation of K-Beauty plus the power of medical aesthetics will lead to visible and long term results.

AIREM Essentials CLINICAL K-BEAUTY Ingredient Guide


Allantoin, also known as aluminum dihydroxy allantoinate, is an extract from the comfrey plant, which is native to temperate climates of Asia and Europe. For centuries, this powerful multi-tasker has been known for it’s potent healing, soothing and moisturizing properties. Classified as an emollient, helping to retain moisture and prevent dryness in the skin, Allantoin also has gentle exfoliating properties, encouraging cell turnover and collagen synthesis, helping to smooth skin and improve skin dullness.

Aloe vera

Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis) is a succulent suitable for all skin types, especially dry, damaged, sensitive or irritated skin. It’s found all over the world and has been used for centuries as a natural healing remedy in the treatment of burns and scars, as well as a powerful hydrating booster. Aloe Vera is packed with many nutrients, including vitamins and antioxidants such as A, B, C, D, E, B12, copper, magnesium, potassium and zinc. Known as being a medicinal herb, Aloe Vera also has antimicrobial, soothing and anti-itching properties for the skin.

Green tea

Contains anti-inflammatory properties to help to soothe, calm and repair skin. Best known as a powerful antioxidant, green tea helps to protect from environmental damage and oxidative stress, while also providing antimicrobial benefits aiding in acne-prone and sensitive skin. Green tea contains caffeine and tannins, which work to shrink blood vessels and decrease puffiness..


The large tea leaves are shredded then slowly oven-dried to preserve the elegant floral scent and taste. Many parts of the lotus flower have long been used in natural and herbal medicine to treat inflammation and healing of wounds. In skincare, the lotus flower extract works intensively to soothe irritation and redness.


A powerful, multi-tasking ingredient in skincare with its long history and numerous skin-benefiting properties, including calming acne and blemishes, minimizing large pores and accelerating new skin growth. The minerals and active properties in pearls keep the skin acidic, which slows the aging process while still keeping skin hydrated and firm.

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