Medical Grade Vitamin C Serum

C-Ray Vitamin C Serum

Visibly brighten, firm and combat daily free-radical damage with this clinical grade Vitamin C serum. 

From $55
Ceramide Serum by AIREM Essentials

Lunamide Ceramide Serum

Instantly plump and illuminate your skin for a dewy complexion with this silky, ceramide serum.

From $45
Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Serum by AIREM Essentials

Halo Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Boost skin hydration and firmness with this highly absorbent, lightweight hyaluronic acid serum.  

From $75
Hydrating Facial Cleanser by AIREM Essentials

Canvas Hyaluronic Facial Cleanser

Feel renewed with this gentle and nourishing gel facial cleanser.   30 ml / 1 oz

Best Healing Balm For Face by AIREM Essentials

Cocoon Healing Balm

Replenish and lock in lost hydration from post-procedure dryness with this intensely moisturizing, velvety soft healing balm. 30 ml /...

Arnica Gel For Face by AIREM Essentials

Chrysalis Arnica Gel

Aid in your body’s natural healing process with this ultra soothing, emollient arnica gel for a swift post-procedure recovery.  30...

Pearlessence Bio Cellulose Sheet Mask

Pearlessence Bio Cellulose Sheet Mask

Give your skin the ultimate rejuvenation in this powerful reparative and brightening face mask.    3 x 25ml / 0.94 fl...

White Lotus Tea by AIREM Essentials

Signature White Lotus Tea

Embark on a meditative tea ceremony with this rich floral and elegantly savory white lotus tea from Hadong, South Korea. 20g...

Post Procedure Skin Care Products by AIREM Essentials

Recovery Ritual

Optimize and compliment the end results of facial aesthetic treatments and cosmetic surgery with this comprehensive, all-in-one post procedure skin care kit. ...

$185 ( $250 value)
Mini Discovery Trio by AIREM Essentials

Mini Discovery Trio

Discover your skin's timeless glow and achieve K Beauty glass skin with this introduction to our best-selling AIREM Essentials serums...

$149 ( $175 value)
Restorative Serum Trio by AIREM Essentials

Restorative Serum Trio

Restore your skin's natural glow and achieve K beauty glass skin with our best-selling AIREM Essentials serums. 3 x 30ml...

$349 ( $435 value)
Ritual Box

Ritual Box

Experience AIREM’s timeless beauty rituals with this at-home self-care journey in a box. 8.5" x 11" x 7"

$175 ( $200 value)