Where timeless Korean beauty rituals meet clinically effective and innovative formulas for results-driven skincare.

Formulated by Dr. Eunice Park, New York Facial Plastic Surgeon & Founder of AIREM Aesthetic Spa, AIREM Essentials combines her advanced medical expertise and state-of-the-art Korean beauty knowledge with worldwide clinical research and cutting-edge aesthetic treatments to develop a medical-grade product line that leaves skin healthy and illuminated.

“South Korea is a hub of aesthetic innovation. Asian beauty culture has changed the mainstream global beauty landscape...from gua sha stones and jade rollers, to BB creams, sheet masks and cleansings oils.  These ancient rituals and product innovations have become beauty staples, but clinical K-Beauty is far beyond sheet masks and fun marketing.  As a Facial Plastic Surgeon, it was important to create a line with advanced formulations with clinically studied ingredients to truly enhance overall skin health as a stand alone product or coupled with aesthetic treatments.”


Discovering Your Gwallee \ kwˈahˈlee \

This centuries-old Korean principle of maintaining a ‘self-care’ regimen helps us take care of our wellness and beauty with purpose and intention. #DiscoverYourGwallee

Physician formulated by New York Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Eunice Park.  Frequenting South Korea and conferences around the world, Dr. Park consistently has her finger on the pulse with novel Korean beauty innovations and aesthetic advancements. The results? Healthy and luminous skin. Every year, Dr. Parks embarks on a visit to South Korea to meet with top aesthetic physicians and manufacturers to discover the latest advancements in aesthetic medicine.

“In South Korea, where I was born, there is a time-revered system of care and recovery after birth where you are taken under the wing of a postpartum caretaker. A recovery ritual of herbal hand and foot soaks, deep massages, healthy eating, renewing teas, postpartum skin care and meditation deeply restored my spirit. The sanujori experience helped me to appreciate the importance of self-care and the healing power of tea. It was important for me to bring elements of self-care into my aesthetic practice, while offering state-of-the-art treatments and clinically effective skin care.” - Dr. Park

Physician Formulated. Clinically Effective.


AIREM Essentials was developed to bring timeless Korean beauty rituals, clinically effective and innovative formulas, to you for results-driven skincare. We believe in clinically studied, active ingredients such as
Vitamin C 15%+, Ferulic acid, Hyaluronic acid, Peptides, Antioxidants, Ceramides

And, pairing it with the power of K-beauty timeless skincare ingredients sourced from nature, including
Botanical extracts, such as Allantoin, Aloe vera, Arnica, St. John’s Blossoms, Chamomile and Antioxidant rich tea blends

Gwangcha Radiant Tea Complex

I was inspired to develop the Gwangcha Radiant Tea Complex on my trip to South Korea while filming a global wellness series produced by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions, Steeped in Tradition. By pairing the skin healing properties of tea with clinical grade actives, including peptides, antioxidants and botanical extracts, AIREM Essential’s Gwangcha Radiant Tea Complex helps to soothe and repair the skin barrier, while firming and supporting collagen levels.We are excited to incorporate this in our Pearlessence Sheet Mask, recently featured in Harpers Bazaar as one of the top hydrating face sheet masks (The 16 Best Hydrating Face Masks to Soothe Dry Skin, Fast, Harper’s Bazaar).

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