Empyreal Bloom

Renew your radiance with an overnight facial mask that has active ingredients  soothing fruit enzymes and extracts for a new glow that’ll have you doing double takes. 

30 ml, 1 oz

Dramatically transform your skin with a supercharged formula that provides instant facial-like results. Empyreal Bloom was formulated with a symbiotic combination of glycolic, lactic, and pyruvic acids to resurface dull skin, tighten pores, and target fine lines. Plant-derived squalane, honey extract, and fruit enzymes soothe and protect while synergizing with the acids to fight signs of aging and reveal baby-soft, radiant skin.
Apply a thin layer to a region of dry, clean skin and leave it on overnight. Can use for up to three times a week
Fruit enzymes and extracts. AHAs (Glycolic and Lactic Acid), Pyruvic Acid, Squalane